What I do


Argent is a studio devoted to all creative needs of small companies and sole proprietorships.

Large companies have agencies of record that handle any and all marketing and branding, while small comapnies have to rely on several vendors to fulfill the same need. But just like larger organizations, small businesses want to project a profile that is memorable and marketable.

Argent aims to be a one stop agency for small business; to always be on the ready to provide any creative service.

How I do it


Need a photo of your expanded showroom? Just call me. Need a brochure to show off said showroom? Write me. Never had a website? I think you know what to do.

I can work on anything that you can think of, yet you don't pay agency pricing. Just like you, I am very reasonable.

I maintain a very small portfolio of clients, so that I can be on the ready to turn projects around in a jiffy.



I started my career in 2000 as a design intern at an international watch company. Over five years, I left with the title of Senior Designer. Sorry to toot my own horn.

I worked at ad agencies with big budgets and staff; I worked at internet start-ups with no budget nor staff. I worked as a consultant at companies and put in my time.

In 2009 my wife and I welcomed our twin girls into our family - I was in the fortunate position that I could become a stay-at-home-dad. Having taken a hiatus, and the kids off to kindergarten, I am ready.

I am excited and hungry to get back in the game and help you in any way I can.



This is a random selection of work over the years in no particular order.

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